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    Spot Welding Machine

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    The medium frequency inverter spot weiding machine can rectify three-phase AC to DC and DC inverters into medium frequency 1000Hz square wave through the inverter circuit oomposed of IGBT. Then medium frequency 1000Hz square wave is connected into the primary of welding transformer, and the welding transformer make it with lower voltage and rectify it to be a dc supply electrode with little pulsation to the electrodes lo weld the work piece. The inverter can adjust the duty ratio of IGBT by feedback the primary or secondary welding current, so as to achieve the efect of constant current in the welding process.

    Medium Frequency DC Spot Welding Machine

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    Application range: The intermediate frequency spot welding machine is suitable for welding copper, aluminum, nickel, molybdenum, tungsten, manganese, gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals. Widely used in low-carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, spot welding and multi-point projection welding of wire rod, spot welding and nut projection welding of high-strength steel and hot-formed steel in automobile manufacturing industry, and copper welding in high and low voltage electrical industry Soldering of wires, silver dots and copper plates.

    desktop precision spot welding machine

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    Scope of application: desktop precision spot welding machine is suitable for welding fine products such as battery connecting pieces, tabs, lead-out pieces and electrical switches, silver contacts, chip inductors, coils, sensors, fuses, wires and terminals, and is widely used in batteries , electronics, instrumentation, low-voltage electrical appliances and other industries.

    capacitor energy storage spot projection welding machine

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    Scope of application: In addition to welding ordinary ferrous metal steel, iron and stainless steel, the energy storage spot welding machine is mainly used for welding non-ferrous metals, such as: copper, silver, nickel and other alloy materials, as well as welding between dissimilar metals. It is widely used in industrial production and manufacturing fields, such as: construction, automobile, hardware, furniture, household appliances, household kitchen utensils, metal utensils, motorcycle accessories, electroplating industry, toys, lighting, and microelectronics, glasses and other industries.

    Seam Welding Machine

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