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    FR3210M 3.2m UV Hybrid Printer

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    FR3210M UV Hybrid printer is the most popular and functional UV Hybrid Printers with their 3200mm printing width. When working area is limited and different material types are needed to be printed the FR3210T will be the most useful and profitable choice with their state-of-art Kyocera, Ricoh and Konica printheads. With extension tables at the back and front, they can print unlimited length of rigid and flexible medias thanks to the vacuum belt feeding and conveying system. Using the UV ink they can print excellent images on various rigid medias, such as glass, acrylic, wood, PVC foam board, KT board, polycarbonate, MDF, aluminium, cellphone case, ceramic tiles, and flexbile materials like banners, vinyl, mesh, and so on

    FR5000 5.0m UV Belt-conveyed Hybrid Printer

    0.00 AED
    Print Size:5000mm Colors:CMYK,White,LcLm Printhead:KONICA KM1024I/KYOCERA KJ4A Print Speed: Up to 230 ㎡/hr 1.High performance linear motor 2.Anti-crash Sensor, Resume print after E-stop 3.Vacuum Convey-belt System 4.Industrial Take up & Feeding System 5.Belt automatic deviation correction Function 6.Auto ink volum alarm system 7.Anti-static Bar—FR5000 UV Hybrid Printer

    2.2M Hybrid UV printer

    0.00 AED
    ● Special design feed &collect roller media system, It can stable print whole roll media in one shot; ● When print roll to roll,continuously print to the end of the roll without any waste,media loading is much easier; ● Optional Front and reare xtensional frame desk,easy to print rigid mediasNwith Y location device. 2.2m* unlimited print size

    3.2m giant hybrid UV printer

    0.00 AED
    ● Adopt metal raster with magnetic linear motion sytem, higher printing resolution and stability with longer lifespan. ● To print standard size board, it can achieve continuous printing without pause and changing the board, which increases the production efficiency

    1.8m Hybrid UV

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