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    Fiber Laser cutter

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    Fiber laser tube cutter

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    FSCUT® CNC 22” SCREEN FSCUT5000 TwinCAT Control System YASKAWA ® Highly dynamic EtherCAT servo drive RAYTOOLS ® Cutting head Auto Focus (Switzerland) ACCURL® Dynamic pipe surface height tracking ACCURL® Fast piercing 2.0: Ultrafast perforation Scope of Pipe Processing:¢15 mm-¢200 mm ACCURL®Automatic calibration Graphite Anti-burn Technology Smoke extraction System(TODC-4L/4500m³/h). IPG 2kw fiber laser resonator YLS-2000K Floating servo table support system Automatic Mechanical Loading System ATL-60 CE Norms:Protective Measures with Real-time monitoring camera Class IV safety system and CE marking Full automatic voltage regulator System FSCCUT ®Embedded PCs: Industrial PCs with directly integrated I/O level Industrie 4.0 for sheet metal working with TwinCAT

    Ultra high power fiber laser cutting machine

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    ultra high power laser cutting machine

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    Equipment advantages: automatic loading and unloading laser cutting machine adopts exchange platform Automatic loading and unloading structure, saving labor and more ecient Detachable frame design saves transportation costs and reduces installation time

    light laser cutting machine

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    Large format single platform laser cutting machine

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    Ultra-large format: One-piece bed design ensures running accuracy, higher photoelectric conversion rate, and more delicate cutting section. Lightning Piercing:The piercing action is completed when the cutting head falls to the cutting height,for the perforation of medium and heavy plates, you can do whatever you want.

    Gantry large format laser cutting machine

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